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DR Games takes on a work experience Student.

Year 12 students from Hinchingbrook school were doing work experience at the end of the last summer term. So DR Games decided to take one in. To show them more about how a small indie publishing company is run. This would be their first experience of this kind. As the work experience that they would normally have undertaken in year

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What is the War Within Roleplay Game? Let’s take a closer look

The Game Basics The players take control of a country. To help manage their lands they each have a country record sheet. They have Trusted Aides who they can send on missions to cement success. They are given or select a government type, and this exerts an influence over their decisions. If the players act in a way that seems

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RPG MAPS ZINE is here…

After the success of Rad Zone and that we have that largely finished, we have our new project RPG MAPS ZINE now live on Kickstarter. This is the beginning of a new series of zines focused around Maps and the Dark Realm Maps origins. We are I guess going back to what created DR Games by doing this. RPG Map

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Update on our Kickstarter 10 Battle Mat Escape Rooms

Jo, our Logistics Manager, talks about how the latest DR Games and Dark Realm Roleplay Kickstarter is coming along. Digital rewards have been sent and the physical product is on the way. Jo explains. Jo explains. So, the Kickstarter has finished, and it has been a great success, surpassing our expectations. Now the fun part begins, having it printed, but

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