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RPG MAPS ZINE is here…

After the success of Rad Zone and that we have that largely finished, we have our new project RPG MAPS ZINE now live on Kickstarter. This is the beginning of a new series of zines focused around Maps and the Dark Realm Maps origins. We are I guess going back to what created DR Games by doing this.

RPG Map Zine

RPG Maps Zine is a new A5 product we have put together as a resource but also something to read and enjoy the setting. It features 10 highly detail maps that have descriptions and plot hooks. They are designed to be used in a range of RPG fantasy settings and with any number of roleplay systems. As a generic set of buildings, they draw upon a selection of references including historical and fantasy settings, such as medieval Europe and Middle Earth. You can inject these into any mission either as the main encounter space or an aside. These town buildings are great for crime style adventures or the launch into something grander, or a way of introducing an NPC.

Our hope for RPG Maps Zine is to produce a series of dedicated A5 zines each with a location theme, as long as we are funded that is. This one is as mentioned above presenting Town Centre Buildings and the next could be Farmsteads or Crypts for example or Barrows, also potentially dungeons. although we are inclined to try and offer something different than the standard dungeon crawler. Each one will be available in digital or print format, form a collection and a handy resource for DMs.

But why a zine? We wanted to create a bi-annual magazine basically but did not feel we could call it a mag as it wasn’t going to be a glossy product, more a gritty map type book. The zine format seemed a great bet and a popular one at the moment. We decided to make the imagery black and white as well, tapping into a visual auesthic that many DMs have expressed they love and also one Toby enjoys drawing.

As a product this demonstrates the strength of our three tier system of Maps, Roleplay Content and Games, each one under the Dark Realm banner. We hope you like the look of it. We have also just passed our second stretch goal so things are going well.

And there is more content to come.


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