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Infested Building Series.

The infested building features a range of book set in the world of Rellecta. Each one focuses on an abandoned building which has been taken over by a malicious entity. The player’s role is to free the building of the infestation. The infested Building is a series of D&D 5e adventures for 1st to 3rd level characters. These can be played as either part of an existing campaign or as a standalone adventure. These modules will all interconnect and eventually can be played as an ongoing campaign.

The First in the series is the Goblin Tower:

The Goblin Tower consists of 2-4 sessions in which the players explore a tower and a mine. These have both been taken over by a goblin tribe known as the Jagged Tusk or simply “The Jaggers”. This motley crew of Hunters, Gatherers and Pariahs are led by their queen, Scoria Grel, and her wizard, the Booyahg Caster called Gas’tunker.

Goblin Queen Art by Andrea Corsini

The Adventure Overview

The borderlands have been abandoned, the territory ravaged by ancient wars and left fallow for decades. But this no-man’s-land has provided access for other, more pervasive creatures to sneakily progress closer to the known world.

Rumour has it that a green and yellow tide is coming. At its head are the goblin tribes that have been pushed out of their own lands by orcs and hobgoblins. Scoria Grel, the goblin queen, has already taken the opportunity to take the first step onto the fringes of this law-abiding domain. With the help of her Booyahg Caster, Gas’tunker, she has claimed an old copper mine and the abandoned border tower. The tower stands but half a mile from the mine’s entrance. Scouting parties have returned with reports that Scoria has overstretched her reach and her tribe is smaller than first expected. This could be the opportunity to rid the land of this pestilence before it spreads any further.

The Second in the series is the Zombie Crypt

The Zombie Crypt consists of 2-4 sessions in which the players explore a graveyard and crypt. These have both been taken over by a horde of Zombies. In an attempt to stave of his immenent death Sidrata Lidner has taken to practicing the dark arts. These attempts have failed but he has unwittngly created a new Zombie Infestation instead.

Zombie Image Art by ChrisNazguld

The Adventure Overview

In the marshlands of Cutters Fringe, the silent mist forms a shroud that wraps around small, isolated communities and cloaks the practice of the dark arts. Sidrata Lidner’s efforts to fend off death have failed and now his funeral procession is making its way towards Heatherfield Cemetery and the mausoleum where his ancestors rest.

However, the locals will not allow his body to be buried amongst their dead. During the altercation that follows, the funeral carriage is overturned and the coffin tumbles over the bridge. Smashing open on the rocks below. The toxic green blood from Sidrata’s body washes downstream, transforming the Willow Cutters into zombies as they work in the Osier beds. On the torrent moves to break upon the graveyard wall and penetrate CoTorith Crypt, leaking through, to resurrect the dead from their peaceful slumber. If the crypt is not freed of this undead infestation, then the curse will spread throughout all of Uoltan. It will spread beyond to the marshland villages as Sidrata rises in a new undead form to reap terror on the land.

The Third in the series is the Spider Palace

The Spider Palace consists of 2-4 sessions in which the players in are enlisted to rid a mansion of an infestation of mutant spiders and insects and discover the fate of the Edmonstone family.. Famed Arachnologist Merek Edmonstone has a pre-ememinent collection of spiders, but has his latest specimum proved to be the familes undoing?

Spider Image Art By Dean Spencer

The Adventure Overview

All has gone quiet at the Edmonstone estate otherwise known as the Spider Palace. Merek Edmonstone, the famous Philanthropist and Arachnologist, has not been seen for weeks and anybody who approaches the mansion either disappears or returns as the bearer of dark omens.

They say they cannot see in through the dark windows, that cobwebs obscure their view and that looming insectoid shadows cast large many legged forms again these white vales. But it does not end with Merek, Irvetta his wife and his two sons, Winthrop and Fulton, are also missing. It seems that whatever happened at the Spider Palace sealed the fate of the Edmonstone family. It has been left to private contractors to try and solve this puzzle. The palace lies outside of the jurisdiction of the city, and none have succeeded in solving the mystery so far, so who will rise to the challenge and learn what has caused the supposed demise of the Edmonstone family?

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