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Dark Force Incursion (DFI) is a solo game where the player has to reclaim the defensive forts in his land from an invading Dark Force. DFI was initially developed as a Print and Play solo game. Because of its success DFI has now expanded with additional maps and adventures being created. It is played on a single sheet of paper and with the use of a six sided dice the player plots his route across the hex grid map.  Obstacles will be encountered and battles lost.

Every game of Dark Force Incursion tells a story of battle and conflict. This is the strength of the game. You can see your own attempt at saving your lands and the resulting narrative, a series of encounters that often have dramatic outcomes.


Dark Force Incursions also has its own dedicated Patreon page where new maps and content are regularly posted.  To find out more or to subcribe click the link below.

Watch a play through of the game.

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