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The world faces a terrible apocalypse. Without warning the sun’s radiation spiked to alarming levels and under this relentless and deadly barrage humanity succumbed. People fell ill, millions died, populations moved underground into fortified Rad Bunkers. Many plants and animals perished, and society collapsed. Food and clean water were rationed until people began to starve, and martial law was replaced by irradiated outlaws and bandits roaming the surface in their pain induced craze.

Rad Zone Totality is a roll and write, print and play, solo game set in a harsh dystopian future where you manage a group of survivors. They live in a Rad Bunker and strive to keep their home stocked with food, water, medical supplies, fuel, equipment and raw materials. They must go on dangerous missions, salvage these much-needed items from the city and at the same time avoid bandits that roam the land in their radiation induced craze. On top of this they must be quick to avoid taking a dangerous dose of radiation.


Rad Zone Totality can be played as either a solo player game or as the two player version. 

Each mission sees the survivor(s) head out and salvage vital resources for their bunker. A game session can be played with either a freshly generated character or one selected from the Rad Bunker Roster, perhaps a character you previously created who survived previous missions. The policy of the bunker is to send only one or two people at a time to reduce the level of radiation poisoning in the population, as well as reduce casualties.


Yes, you need to survive but you must also draw in new survivors you encounter on your mission. The only way humanity is to make it through is by saving not only your bunker crew but also to increase its numbers. Once you reach 40 people in your bunker you have won this campaign. If you have lost ten people on missions, then you have failed, and the rest of your survivors perish.

Another way you can win the campaign is if you survive ten episodes. This means the Rad Bunker has just about made it through this difficult time. You have a choice of starting a new campaign with the same bunker or start another base with new characters. If you continue with the old bunker.

What you need to play

Rad Zone uses a D6 (six-sided dice) system. You will need at least three dice to play, preferably of three different colours. You will also need a pencil, eraser and red, yellow and green pens or colouring pencils. Along with this you also need to print out the sheets to play.

A Digital Product with a Print Option

Rad Zone was designed as a Print and Play game. Files that are printed, written on and reused and when new ones are needed they too are printed. In this respect the game involves having a selection to print from and a rule book that can either be read on a tablet while playing or that can be printed and bound for handy reference. However a printed hard back and paper back option are also available to purchase. There is also a pad of the all important episode sheet that is the central focus for the game..

Rad Zone is unique because of the search mechanism that is used and the isometric location maps that are a central part of the story. These individual and hand drawn maps add an extra element to the game.

Example Location Map

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Rad Zone Totality is available to purchase from our online store in both the digital and physical version.

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