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Dark Realm Role Play have produced a series of one shot adventures and publications for use in the Role Play community. Our recent adventures include:

Murder at Morley Workshop – A D&D 5e Winter One Shot Adventure for Levels 1-3.

Set in a frontier town, nestled on a snowy plain, the Murder at Morley’s Workshop is a winter one shot adventure for DnD 5e for just £1. Positioned at the edge of the village, next to an ancient woodland, Morley’s workshop is the focus of a grisly crime. A man driven by savage hatred murders his cousin. The resulting spilling of blood, combined with the man’s malice, calls forth a vicious Fey creature from the crimson pool. In turn this twisted magic then beacons a crazed animal from the dark wood beyond. The party of adventurers are called to the location as the town alarm goes up with the sighting of the giant bear at the workshop. It is prowling around the building and the large workshop door appears to be open…

The Adventure Overview

There are three main elements to the adventure. Firstly the players must deal with the bear that has become crazed and will not let them enter the building. Secondly inside is a crime scene, a murder has taken place. Morley is hiding in the building. Thirdly an evil Red Cap has emerged from the blood and is holed up in the workshop having already devoured the victim and bathed in his blood. The players must solve the murder, defeat or repel the bear and take on the Red Cap.

Bones of KalKratha

The Bones of KalKratha is an adventure for levels 1-10, although the primary descriptions are aimed at levels 1-4.

This exciting adventure is broken up into four chapters, that weave the players into the story of the Kenku Reformation. It is designed for the fifth edition of the world’s largest role playing game. Throughout the adventure the up-scaling will be apparent in the text, accommodating options for higher levels.

The Adventure Overview

A portal has opened and through it a flock of Kenku have come, but they have changed. Somehow the portal has restored the cursed Kenku to their original form. Returned to them are their voices and creativity and some even have their wings. Six months on though and their presence has shifted the balance in the city. Rumor has it that the Kenku are multiplying and have formed the Order of KalKratha. The Mayor has called the adventurers to the city chambers to discuss their role as potential mediators with this new and powerful group that are supposedly led by

Each session is designed to last between 3 and 5 hours with potentially twenty hours play. Of course depending on the play style this could be longer. The Guide to the Reformed Kenku can also be incorporated into other adventures as a supplement.

The Goblin Tower is a D&D 5e adventure for 1st to 3rd level characters. It consists of 2-4 sessions in which the players explore a tower and a mine that have been taken over by a goblin tribe known as the Jagged Tusk or simply “The Jaggers”. This motley crew of Hunters, Gatherers and Pariahs are led by their queen, Scoria Grel, and her wizard, the Booyahg Caster called Gas’tunker.

The Adventure Overview

The borderlands have been abandoned, the territory ravaged by ancient wars and left fallow for decades. But this no-man’s-land has provided access for other, more pervasive creatures to sneakily progress closer to the known world.

Rumour has it that a green and yellow tide is coming, and at its head are the goblin tribes that have been pushed out of their own lands by orcs and hobgoblins. Scoria Grel, the goblin queen, has already taken the opportunity to take the first step onto the fringes of the law-abiding domain. With the help of her Booyahg Caster, Gas’tunker, she has claimed an old copper mine and the abandoned border tower that stands but half a mile from the mine’s entrance. Scouting parties have returned with reports that Scoria has overstretched her reach and her tribe is smaller than first expected. There could be an opportunity to rid the land of this pestilence before it spreads any further.

All of these RPG modules can be purchased on DriveThruRPG.

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