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Trade Nation is a family card game that we are launching this year at the UK Games Expo 23

About Trade Nation

Trade Nation is a card game of selling resources and affecting market values.  Collect and sell sets of resources and create an active market that is tipped in your favour.  Whilst at the same time prevent the other players from gaining the upper hand, by devaluing resources they appear to be collecting. The player who has gained the most points when all resources have been sold, during and at the end of the game, is the winner.

Game Play

This new card game relies of strong simple game Mechanics. It brings you a family game much in the mold of UNO or MONOPLOY DEAL. This card game has been designed with a universal appeal, with straightforward mechanics and a colourful appearance. It can be learned in five minutes.

For 2-6 players with each round lasting between 20 to 30 minutes.

Build the market, collect resources, manipulate the market price, and sell your stock for the best price. And if you are stuck there is always the black market as a way to shift unwanted stock or buy commodities in short supply.

Trade Nations is now available to purchase from ourĀ online store.

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