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War Within RPG is a roleplaying game set in a tense Cold War arena. Based in the 1980s, in an alternate reality, it has been thirty years since a great war tore the world apart. Each player takes on the role of a country’s leader, alongside a team of Trusted Aides, making decisions on behalf of their people. A Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty hangs over the world. Three of the Non-Player Governments (NPGs) have access to nuclear weapons, two of which are at war. They have agreed to not use their nuclear weapons and to not help others acquire them. But their government types are opposed, and tension grows. The players, as new leaders of their countries, find themselves in a fragile Cold War. Will they survive the coming storm?

Game Play

War Within RPG has been designed as a rules lite RPG in what is consider to be a new wave of role playing. The emphasis is on a stripped back rules systems nestled in a vibrant world setting that encourages role playing. This is a move away from the complex character creation and instead puts the emphasis on combat and a swing towards narrative and easy access. Not knowing the rules is not such a problem for players. As the GM is encouraged to give the players an experience they enjoy rather than break it up with constant rule book checking.

The War Within World

The game revolves around a central map that is adjusted and updated as the game plays out. There are a set of pre-written events that can be played by the GM to crank up the tension. The players update their sheets, manage their budgets which impacts upon their actions and the map evolves. Peace Treaties, Trade Agreements and War Pacts are struck, and the GM has a sequence of events tables to help with managing these.

All this time the players must try to avoid an uprising in their country or face being deposed. A separate Deposed Record Sheet is provided if this happens. Then through cunning and subterfuge, they must strive to take back power. The GM carries on playing events and managing the political scene. While also making sure that the tension stays in game as the players are pushed to make tough choices about these world events.

War Within is available to purchase from our online store in both a digital and physical version.

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