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It’s Time to Cross the Mountains and Settle into New Lands  

About the game:

Distant Lands is a board game of land and event tiles set in a fictitious medieval world. As the leader of your people you head the push across the mountains to newly discovered, uninhabited, fertile lands. Once there you must lay down your claim and build your settlements. But other communities are flooding through and you must race to secure the best chance for your people. If you become the most advanced and therefore the most settled, then you win the game!

New Lands is a multiplayer game. If you have the decks and space the game accommodates any number of players. It relies upon two main game mechanism: tile placement and stacking. Placed event tiles affect the growth of settlements and the stacked height of the tallest city gives you an extra victory point at the end of the game alongside points for all the settlements you have managed to construct.

This was one of Toby Lancaster’s first game ideas, after having a number of modules published on the popular DMsguild website, and it is one he would like to see progressing. The next stage will be to get testing copies made ready for further play testing and reviewing.

Number of players: 2+

Time required: 60+ min

Recommended ages: 10+

Examples of the different land tiles available. Starting at a basic settlement, as you grow and develop the tiles become more complex until you reach city status.

Here you can see the prototype used for the first round of play testing and the stacking mechanism central to the game.

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