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2D6 Dungeon – A Classic Dungeon Crawler Solo Player Game

2D6 Dungeon is a classic style dungeon crawler, print and play, roll and write game designed for solo play. You explore randomly generated dungeon rooms, fight monsters and collect treasure as you gain experience and strive to become a legendary adventurer. Every adventure and dungeon is unique.

You are an adventurer who has that special quality which marks you out as exceptional. You have heard that there is a dungeon located nearby and after searching have discovered the entrance…

How to play?

In 2D6 Dungeon you have a character sheet which you fill out first. You then enter the dungeon and randomly generate each room as you encounter them, using the specially designed generation system and then roll on a table to establish the type of room. Here you will encounter enemies thst you must defeat. Deeper you venturer, as your character gains levels and treasure. For every level you pass you come closer to becoming a legend.

A narrative, a story, a legend…

Our aim with 2D6 Dungeon is to facilitate epic story telling. Take your character deep into the dungeon and experience a dramatic and challenging adventure. You will fight a range of creatures, use magic scrolls and potions, pick locks, find quests, loot treasure, discover armour, level up, call for the favour of the gods, reveal magic items, visit the tavern and market, arm wrestle, create herbal remedies, craft, bring your own style, create a detailed map (in a straightforward and easy to learn way) and become a legend.


2D6 Dungeon is set in its own fantasy world called Coradine. It is a land where the people have a longstanding peace, war seemingly forgotten, the regions and realms respectful of a unified sovereignty. But beneath this shroud of peace is a turbulent underworld. A dark realm that is riddled with dungeons and underground chambers where monsters hide away guarding their treasure and organised groups of bandits and brigands form plans to raid the settlements above.

What you Need to Play

You will need the Core Rules book, the Tables Codex book, 2 different colour six sided dice, an additional 2 six side dice, a pencil and a dot grid sheet to draw the map on (provided at the rear of the book). Print out the Quick Reference Combat Cards to use in combat. You can also print out the God Cards and Creature Cards for ease of use as well as the Character Sheet (seen below).

Although Coradine features some of the classic fantasy heritages it also has new unique ones, some twisted by their time in the darkness others warped by their desire to break the harmony above. Parties and adventurers play their part in ridding the world of these terrors by venturing forth into the dungeons that litter the land. Those found in the dungeon realm are evil and will try to destroy those who dare to enter.

Adding to the 2d6 world, please see the 3rd party licence for more information

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Video Playthroughs – you can watch the game being played

Here are four videos showing Toby the designer playing 2D6 Dungeon. Not only do they show gameplay but also are a handy tool to learn the rules.

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