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DR Games takes on a work experience Student.

Year 12 students from Hinchingbrook school were doing work experience at the end of the last summer term. So DR Games decided to take one in. To show them more about how a small indie publishing company is run. This would be their first experience of this kind. As the work experience that they would normally have undertaken in year 9 or 10 was cancelled due to COVID.

As part of the experience, we asked them to write a blog, detailing how the week had gone.

My Work Experience, Experience

This week I have been doing work experience at DR Games, an indie games design company. I was set several tasks many of them actually contributing to DR Games products.

Task 1

The first task that I was working on was drawing some fantasy styled chests for DrivethruRPG. I first had to do some research and find some chests that I liked the style off. These were then printed these off for use as a source. The images choosen included a couple of real chests and some one that had been digitally created by other people. I decided there was 3 of the selection that I like and decided to go with them. Two of them I would have to draw in my own style as the original image was someone else’s work. The other was an image of a real chest so I decided I would trace it. After I had done drawing them and tracing, I used photoshop to add colour and shadows. This finished off the images meaning they’re ready for DrivethruRPG.

Task 2

The second task that I had to complete was writing encounters for the Rad Zone building expansion. I had to write 10 different sets of 6 encounters. I started by reading some encounters that had already been written and published already in Rad Zone. Once I understood what I needed to write I got to it. The encounters I needed to write had a selection of different materials being found and different scenarios with people, animals and Rad Zone related topics. Having to write different situations per encounter really tested my imagination. But it was interesting trying to imagine these different scenarios and how the outcome would happen.

Task 3

The third task was doing some online publishing and website management. Here I published some maps that had already been drawn. This ment listing the price and adding descriptions and on the website management. Ialso had to add description and tags to different web links. On the website Roll20 I had to add a list of different tags that related to the product being sold. As well as giving the sale a description and adding a slug line. For the website management I had to go into each of the required web links and edit the description and tags, that related to the topics of the page.

Task 4

The fourth task was doing some manual labour. I had the task of packing a selection of items for Rad Zone. These items included packing a box full of dice into small black bags. Each bag contained 1 yellow di, 1 green di and 1 red di. The other items I had to pack were pencils. This involved packing 1 yellow, 1 green and 1 red pencil into small see-through wallets, that also had a small sticker with the Rad Zone logo on. These will be sent to those people who ordered them through Rad Zone Toyality.

Task 5

The final task I had to do was create a reddit account to gain karma and explore different posts. For this task I followed a wide selection of pages and started commenting and liking different post. Also creating different discussions to try and gain some karma and more recognition. This account can therefore be used to notify and post updates on anything new posted by DR Games. This meant that other people can be kept up to date and constantly notified.

In Conclusion.

Overall, I feel like I have gained more of an understanding of how the business runs and works behind the scenes. While also being able to leave my mark and contributing towards products to be published. I enjoyed most of it and am glad for the experience.

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